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Managed Money

When it comes to managing your investments, you deserve the utmost attention, expertise, and access to a diverse range of opportunities.

Independent financial advisors (IFAs), armed with the ability to select from a multi-thousand asset manager universe that encompasses equity, fixed income, and commodity investments, offer clients distinct advantages over wire houses. This advantage includes- choice, specialized expertise, tailored solutions, cost efficiency, and the potential for superior investment outcomes.

1. Expanded Investment Options and Diversity

Our clients benefit greatly from the expanded investment options that asset managed money offers.

Unlike wire houses, where advisors are often limited to proprietary products or a restricted list of investments, IFAs can select from a vast array of asset managers. This broader choice allows advisors to build portfolios that are well-diversified across various asset classes, sectors, and geographies. By allocating investments across equities, fixed income, and commodities, advisors can effectively manage risk and capture opportunities in different market conditions.

2. Access to Specialized Expertise

The multi-thousand asset manager universe available to us provides our clients with access to a wealth of specialized expertise.

We can handpick managers with deep knowledge and experience in specific industries, sectors, or investment strategies. This enables us to align clients with asset managers who excel in areas such as technology, healthcare, sustainable investing, or emerging markets. By leveraging specialized expertise, advisors can capitalize on unique opportunities, navigate complex markets, and deliver tailored solutions that align with clients’ specific investment goals and preferences.

3. Tailored Solutions for Individual Needs

Each client has unique financial objectives, risk tolerance, and liquidity requirements. Asset managed money empowers IFAs to design tailored solutions that meet individual needs. By selecting from a multi-thousand asset manager universe, advisors can construct portfolios that align precisely with clients’ goals. Whether the focus is on income generation, capital preservation, growth, or a combination thereof, IFAs can curate portfolios that prioritize client objectives. This personalized approach ensures that clients’ investments are aligned with their specific circumstances, enhancing the potential for long-term success.

4. Cost Efficiency and Value Enhancement

Wire houses often face limitations in terms of cost structure due to proprietary products or restricted fee negotiations. In contrast, independent advisors can leverage a multi-thousand asset manager universe to access a wide range of investment options with varying expense ratios. This access to a broader marketplace of managers allows IFAs to select those offering competitive fee structures, optimizing investment returns for clients. By prioritizing cost efficiency, IFAs ensure that fees do not erode the overall performance of the portfolio, enhancing the value clients receive from their investment strategies.

5. Potential for Superior Investment Outcomes

Our clients benefit from the potential for superior investment outcomes when their advisor selects from a multi-thousand asset manager universe. IFAs can conduct rigorous due diligence on managers, evaluating their track records, investment philosophies, and risk management practices. This scrutiny allows advisors to identify top-performing managers across a range of asset classes. By partnering with skilled managers, clients have the potential to achieve higher returns and improved risk-adjusted performance.

-Cetera does not offer direct investments in commodities.

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